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  • Drinking Glasses

    Drinking Glasses

    Drinking glasses including various glasses, like goblet glasses, whisky glass,champagne flutes glasses, martini glasses,brandy glasses and so on.
    It can meet most of your needs, hope you can find the one you wanted that it is available of the personalized design.We are a manufacture and supplier in China who specialized in drinking glasses.You can contact us to get a favorable price.
    Made of high quality crystal glass,it is available to see the liquids inside clearly,which makes the drinking delicious.It consists of many types of various sizes and shapes that you can choose the suitable one according to the drinkings and occasions.
    It is lightweight and portable that it is easy to carry and move.And it is convenient to maintain and clean.It is of premium quality that it is endurable and resistant to dust and corrosion with extended service life.
    For that the company has own factory,it is available to provide the drinking glasses at cheap price together with superior quality and excellent performance.

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  • Glassware


    The glassware is produced by DaXi Houseware,that we are a glassware manufacture in China, which is able to provide good quality and favorable price to our customers.As for the glassware,it includes many glass tools that some are widely used to store water while some are used to store sauces.
    All the glassware are made with fine craftsmanship that these glasses look elegant and fashionable.And it is well operated with soft rounding that it won't hurt your hands as you use the glassware. It is made of crystal glass that it can clearly show the things inside.
    The glassware is lightweight with premium quality.With the scientific design and fine appearance,it is beautiful.For that it is able to design with many shapes and sizes,it is widely applied to our daily life,especially the kitchen.

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  • Kitchenroom-Glassware


    Xi'An Da Xi Glassware Co., LTD mainly produce kitchenroom-glassware ,such as ,glass vinegar bottles , glass shaker , glass plate and so on.Thus,our company is specialized in producing these kitchenroom-glassware with fine workmanship.
    On the item we also can make decorate via decal logo,hand painted ,silk painting, sandblasted,spray color and electroplated ....We also accept OEM bottles,shaker ,plate to make it according to the design or original sample.
    Just as the name shows, the kitchenroom-glassware is mainly used in the kitchen as the oil bottle,the sauce bottle and the salt and pepper shaker.
    Made of premium quality glass,it has the high transparency that you can clearly see the things inside.It is convenient to maintain and clean.Besides,it it lightweight with small dimension and it is available for wholesale that you can buy the product at cheap price.

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  • Glass Vase

    Glass Vase

    Glass vase is a important decoration in home, bar or restaurant that it is widely used to place flowers or some beautiful plants.As people pay more attention to the flowers and decoration,the glass vase plays a significant role in our daily life.
    The clear glass and glass dome is suitable for restaurant,some hand-painted glass vase is suitable for home decoration and bar.As we are a glass vase manufacturer and supplier,so we also can according to your requirements to make personalized glass vase.
    It is available for wholesale that it is able to sale the glass vase at cheap price.With the professional workmanship, and fashionable as well as scientific design,it is cost effective which will be widely appreciated by the market.
    The elegant glass vase is a perfect gift for your close friends or family members on their birthday or special festivals,which will be a big surprise and make them happy.

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  • Bathroom-glassware


    The bathroom-glassware is professionally manufactured by DaXi Houseware,one of the leading bathroom-glassware manufacturers and suppliers,with delicate craftsmanship.It is made with various shapes and sizes that you can find the suitable one in accordance with your requirements.
    It is produced with many functions that it is able to store the shampoo, the bath cream and others.And our company is available to provide the personalized service that we have own factory which is capable of large scale wholesale at reasonable price.
    Considering it is used in bathroom,it is resistant to water and corrosion,which can greatly extend its service life.Adopting the superior quality materials,it is endurable,lightweight and portable that it is easy to move and transport.With the excellent performance and easy operation,it is widely welcomed by the market.

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  • Glass Candle Holder

    Glass Candle Holder

    In candle holder series, we can provide you votive glass candle holder, hurricane glass candle holder, glass candlesticks and LED candle holder.Because we have our own factor,it is available to provide all kind of glass candle holder.If your product needs any decorations, we also can make customized glass candle holder.
    At first, it is used to hold the lighted candle which can make the candle lighting all the time.And it is made with the crystal glass that the light is able to penetrate the glass to light the room.
    However,nowadays it is widely used in our daily life.It is designed with fashionable and beautiful appearance that it can be used to decorate the room.Also, it is capable of adding atmosphere to the meeting,making it romatic.
    Besides,the candle holder is lightweight and pretty with strong frame as well as the reasonable price that it is cost effective.

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  • Decorative Glass

    Decorative Glass

    Decorative glasses including various glasses, like goblet glasses, whisky glass,champagne flutes glasses, martini glasses,and brandy glasses.
    The glasses are designed with beautiful patterns and shapes.The glasses are used as not only the equipment of drinkings,but also the decoration to beautify the room.And it adopts the premium quality materials that it is endurable with long life span.
    The company is available to provide personalized service that you can freely design the glasses with your own requirements.Some of glasses has their own unique shape, but we can spray it with colors, some of glasses has a classic shape, we also can made painted pattern or printing on it,also we can do embossed glass,sandblasted glass,frosted glasses and so on.
    It is portable with small size that it is easy to carry and maintain and clean.And it is convenient to wash.Manufactured by the experienced workers with delicate craftsmanship and fashionable appearance.
    If you have any new glass projects, welcome to contact us, as a decorative glass supplier and manufacturer, we will provide you a favorable price,thank you!

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