Glass Candle Holder

In candle holder series, we can provide you votive glass candle holder, hurricane glass candle holder, glass candlesticks and LED candle holder.Because we have our own factor,it is available to provide all kind of glass candle holder.If your product needs any decorations, we also can make customized glass candle holder.
At first, it is used to hold the lighted candle which can make the candle lighting all the time.And it is made with the crystal glass that the light is able to penetrate the glass to light the room.
However,nowadays it is widely used in our daily life.It is designed with fashionable and beautiful appearance that it can be used to decorate the room.Also, it is capable of adding atmosphere to the meeting,making it romatic.
Besides,the candle holder is lightweight and pretty with strong frame as well as the reasonable price that it is cost effective.
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