Whisky Cup

The whisky glass is a glass used especially for drinking whisky. The glass is round and short. It is characterized by a thick bottom. This is because whiskey is drunk on ice. Three or four blocks of ice are slogging around inside, and it is impossible to do that without a certain thickness. Therefore, the thickness of the whisky glass is much thicker than that of the brandy glass. The sound of ice hitting glass back and forth in a glass is so beautiful that if everyone is drinking whiskey on an occasion, the sound is the symphony of wine.
The whisky glass is made of premium quality materials that it is endurable with long life span. With the scientific design, it is convenient to use. And it is easy to maintain and clean, which extending its service life.
Customized service is also available that you can design the cup with the assistance of our workers. The whisky glass cup is able to be produced based on your demands. You can get the perfect one. It is a perfect gift for your close friends or family members to show your love and care.