Spirit Shot Glasses

Spirit Shot Glasses are one of drinking glasses that the glasses are widely used to drink, available for water, beers, juice, milk and other drinkings. It is quite practical in our daily life, making life convenient and colorful.
It is designed with heavy solid glass base, perfectly preventing from tipping and spilling and enhancing the using experience. And the bottom is able to paint with vibrant colors that you can choose the suitable one.
It is made of crystal glass material.It is manufactured with strict quality control system that every glass is made by our skilled workers with delicate craftsmanship with smooth surface, which does no harm to your body. The green product is non-toxic, odorless and user-friendly that it is suitable for drinking without contaminants.
It is widely used at the birthday party or other important occasions, which is able to make the party more interesting and attractive. It is also available to be a gift for your close friends or family members, such as sister, mother and grandmother.
All the glasses are available for customized design that it will be made according to your requirements. And it is lightweight and portable with small size that it is easy to maintain and clean, prolonging its service life.